Mamma’s Man

You are on a boat with your mother, spouse, and child. You have just been alerted to the fact that the boat is without a doubt going to sink. You only have the option of choosing one person to save. Which one would it be?
In most western cultures people by in large usually opted to save their child, and a close second was their spouse.When this question was presented to persons from the Eastern part of the world, the answer was almost unanimous in choosing to save the mother. When asked why, the answer was the same. You can remarry, and you can have more children, but you only get one mother.

Today I choose to love, respect and honor my mom in response to the lifetime of love she has shown me. She is the most amazing person I know to date. She exemplifies sacrificial love, depth, wisdom, and strength. God Bless you mom, you are my reason.

Love Justin!


3 thoughts on “Mamma’s Man

  1. That was beautiful. I don't know the statistics but it would be interesting to know if marriages in Eastern cultures are more successful than marriages in Western cultures. You've got me thinking about the Lord's perspective on the issue. We train our children to “leave and cleave” as the Bible instructs. When you become one flesh in the covenant of marriage there can only be one answer to the question…the spouse must be saved. It would be interesting to know the outcome of a poll asking mothers how they'd prefer their children to respond.

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