Thoughts for thought.

Here are a few excerpts from one of my favorite journals. I want to continue to share more personal things and to challenge myself to always speak from my heart.

Courage is doing what you know you should do before you have to

Sometimes the Love of God is never displayed more brightly then when someone attempts love without knowing God.

No outward circumstance can fix an inward problem

Christianity does not have a monopoly on love. God does

A couch can serve as a place to end a good day or a place where good things end.

If you can’t join them. Beat them

True art will always keep society and it’s people honest

To achieve any level of greatness, our heavenly intuition must become our Godly ambition.

The act of love is better than the idea of love, but is the feeling of pain more evident, and more real, than the feeling of love itself? It seems love’s irresponsible enemy is ignorance, and pains future is always numbness. So which is right, to be lovingly ignorant or painfully numb? This does not mean that the lovers under trees are ignorant or that the poet is necessarily plagued with pain. But wherever we are, let us be honest in that feeling. So that pain does not become powerless and love does not become light.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts for thought.

  1. This is really excellent son, and great food for thought. Thanks for sharing from your heart. I love you!

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