Tuesday Dreams

A dream is there to awaken and inspire. It is a means for us to be compelled to do better and expect more from others and ourselves. Our dreams can and should be enormously huge in size, because that’s what dreams are for.
However, don’t let the complexity or size of your dream get you down. It can be easy to get excited about a dream you have then become discouraged because you realize that the act of obtaining it is so far away. Not only is it far away, but you may also have no idea how in the world it’s going to happen. Such thoughts can become a precursor to stop dreaming, and immediately find a vice to numb the pain of impending disappointment. The problem is not with the dream. The problem lies with worrying too much about “how” the dream will happen, versus the “what” God has asked us to do. Keep dreaming! But accept the challenge of being in the now, so that we may become a living and breathing example of the “what” we dream about.



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