Scratch It

Transition happens during training.

There is something that happens to an athlete in the off-season of their sport when they start to feel a little homesick from being off the court, field, or track. When such thoughts creep into the mind, athletes commonly refer to this feeling as, “the itch”. Funny though, because if you were to ask any of them what would make the discomfort of the itch go away, they probably wouldn’t know exactly what to say. Surely they miss the games and glory, but if I had to bet money, I would say that what was really being yearned for was simply, discipline.
A good athlete craves the act of pushing oneself past the point of emotion, expectation, and reality to achieve a goal set around becoming the best you can possibly be;Then doing all over again tomorrow. It’s the struggle and the pain of passion that creates an athletes deep affection for the sport they love. It’s an everyday decision to try to pick out something small and commit to improving upon it.

This is why athletes have such an easy time transitioning into their respective careers when their sports life is over. They understand the art of Discipline.

How then can we learn from some of our favorite sport stars and apply some daily discipline tools that may be so severely needed?

I have come up with something I call the “ Where, Why, and What Method”:

• First, decide on exactly WHERE you want to go. Imagine what it’s going to look like when you get there and how that will feel. It could be your relationship with God, your career life, or maybe you might have a workout objective.

• Second, ask yourself WHY you want to get there. What is the reason that you wish upon such things, and is your reason compelling? It needs to be compelling enough so that you are not pushing yourself forward, but rather you are being pulled by something, which is far greater and bigger than you.

• Third, WHAT are you going to use to get there? This is when the discipline component comes into play. How much time and resources are needed to complete your effort and what things can you commit to doing everyday to get reach your goal?

Give that itch of discomfort a giant scratch, and get back in the game.




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