Think Higher

History tells us that the ancient men and women had a deep fascination with the sky. To them, it was the one and only thing that proved to be eternal. Day and night, they could expect to see something new. Overtime, ideologies and philosophies were formed from mans interpretation of the cosmos. Women were believed to be in relation to the moon because of its cyclical nature. The moon brought water, and changed the seasons. The stars told stories of great warriors of the past, and the sun gave birth to a new day. Mans desires and aspirations began to become closely linked to the sky, in hopes that their dreams would not die with them-but would prove to live on for generations to come.

Surely, primitive peoples thought differently then we do now, and our interpretations of God have changed and evolved with knowledge. But one thing continues to be as  true today as it was way back then. This is,  mans never-ending quest to connect to something bigger than him. We are designed to think higher, and to dream bigger. We are wired to wonder, and to connect our hopes and desires to something larger and grander. When we get locked into a mindset that is too grounded, and when we lose hope of a brighter and better tomorrow-we are operating contrary to our very human nature. Today, in an effort to be all that we were meant to be, We must …..think higher.



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